Making sure your text hasn't formatting:
The application starts but the buttons don’t do anything

This occurs when there’s a problem with the java installation on your computer. Sometimes it helps to just install the latest update of Java (is not distributed automatically like the other updates). This occurs most often on 10.3.x (only a limited number of people have iWebMore working with 10.3.x so that’s why the requirements lists 10.4.x or 10.5.x).
For 10.3.x users:
Try installing Java update 1.4.2 followed by Update 5 (resulting in having Java 10.4.2_5 on your computer).
For 10.4.x users:
Try installing following update.

Errors running iWebMore

First, make sure you don’t use iWeb 2 (you can check with the iWeb About iWeb menu), if you have iWeb 2, you can just use it’s Html Snippets functionality.

error: got <@[ but no ]@> in FC58B20F-7DEB-4016-972A-85265CB44FA0.html

This occurs when:
  • you forgot the end tag (duh);
  • there is text or whitespace (spaces or newlines) before <@[ c.q. <@: or after the ]@> c.q. :@> (see right column how to prevent this);
  • there are font changes in the text (again, see right column how to prevent this);
  • You have a very large or complicated piece of html that confuses the parser, consider using templates (and again, see right column how to do this).